s an educator, having access to reliable educational websites is essential for finding valuable resources, lesson plans, and teaching materials. To assist you in your search, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 100 educational websites that cater to the diverse needs of educators across various subjects and grade levels. Explore these websites to find inspiration, enhance your teaching strategies, and discover new ways to engage your students.

1. Khan Academy - A vast collection of video lessons, practice exercises, and assessments covering a wide range of subjects.

2. Edutopia - Offers evidence-based strategies, tips, and resources to improve teaching practices.

3. TeachThought - Provides thought-provoking articles and ideas on educational topics.

4. TED-Ed - Offers a collection of educational videos and interactive lessons on a variety of subjects.

5. Smithsonian Learning Lab - Provides access to thousands of digital resources from the Smithsonian Institution.

6. National Geographic Education - Offers resources, activities, and lesson plans to explore the world and its cultures.

7. PBS LearningMedia - Provides access to a wide range of educational videos, games, and interactive lessons.

8. ReadWriteThink - Offers lesson plans, interactive activities, and resources to enhance literacy instruction.

9. Common Sense Education - Provides reviews, ratings, and resources for digital tools and apps for the classroom.

10. Newsela - Offers leveled news articles and quizzes to improve reading comprehension.

11. Scholastic Teachables - Provides printable resources, lesson plans, and activities for educators.

12. Smithsonian Education - Offers educational resources and lesson plans from the Smithsonian Institution.

13. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - Provides resources, standards, and professional development opportunities for math teachers.

14. National Science Teachers Association - Offers resources, articles, and professional development for science educators.

15. National Council for the Social Studies - Provides resources and professional development opportunities for social studies teachers.

16. International Literacy Association - Offers resources and professional development for literacy instruction.

17. Artful Parent - Provides art and craft activities to enhance creativity and imagination.

18. TeachEngineering - Offers a collection of standards-aligned engineering activities and lesson plans.

19. ReadWriteThink - Provides resources and lesson plans to improve reading and writing instruction.

20. PhET Interactive Simulations - Offers interactive simulations to explore science and math concepts.

21. Classroom Freebies - Provides free resources, printables, and teaching ideas from various educators.

22. Free Technology for Teachers - Offers reviews and resources on educational technology tools.

23. Coolmath.com - Provides math lessons, games, and puzzles for all grade levels.

24. NoRedInk - Offers grammar and writing practice exercises for students.

25. National Geographic Kids - Provides educational articles, games, and videos for young learners.

26. Exploratorium - Offers interactive activities and resources on science and arts.

27. NASA STEM Engagement - Provides resources, activities, and lesson plans on space and science topics.

28. Teach-nology - Offers lesson plans, worksheets, and teaching resources for educators.

29. Funbrain - Provides interactive games, books, and videos for educational entertainment.

30. Code.org - Offers coding courses and resources for teaching computer science.

31. Ducksters - Provides educational articles, quizzes, and games across various subjects.

32. The Teacher's Corner - Offers lesson plans, worksheets, and teaching resources for educators.

33. History.com - Provides articles, videos, and interactive content on historical topics.

34. Chem4Kids - Offers chemistry resources and tutorials for young learners.

35. TeachHUB - Provides articles, resources, and teaching tips for educators.

36. Prodigy - Offers math games and activities aligned with curriculum standards.

37. Quizlet - Provides flashcards, quizzes, and study tools for various subjects.

38. Teach Starter - Offers a collection of educational resources and teaching materials.

39. Literacy Shed - Provides literacy resources, videos, and lesson ideas for reading and writing.

40. eGFI - Offers resources and activities to engage students in engineering education.

41. Mystery Science - Provides science lessons and activities for elementary school students.

42. ClassDojo - Offers a classroom management tool and resources for positive behavior support.

43. Smithsonian's History Explorer - Provides resources and lesson plans for teaching history.

44. Grammarly - Offers a grammar and writing tool to enhance student writing skills.

45. Teacher.org - Provides resources, articles, and teaching ideas for educators.

46. Actively Learn - Offers interactive reading assignments and resources for literacy instruction.

47. Kids Discover - Provides educational articles, infographics, and activities for young learners.

48. Math is Fun - Offers math lessons, games, and puzzles for various grade levels.

49. Vocabulary.com - Provides vocabulary-building activities and resources for students.

50. Epic! - Offers a digital library with thousands of books for kids.

51. ReadWorks - Provides reading comprehension passages and lesson plans.

52. Storyline Online - Offers read-aloud videos of popular children's books.

53. BrainPOP - Provides animated educational videos across various subjects.

54. Math Playground - Offers math games and interactive activities for students.

55. Storyboard That - Allows students to create visual storyboards for storytelling and comprehension.

56. GeoGebra - Offers interactive math tools, graphing calculators, and geometry resources.

57. Flocabulary - Provides educational hip-hop videos and lessons across various subjects.

58. History for Kids - Provides history resources and articles for young learners.

59. Adventure Academy - Offers interactive educational games and activities for kids.

60. Teaching Channel - Provides videos and resources to improve teaching practices.

61. Manga High - Offers math games and activities with a manga-style interface.

62. Coursera - Provides online courses from top universities on various subjects.

63. StoryJumper - Allows students to create and publish their own storybooks.

64. IXL Learning - Offers interactive practice exercises for math, language arts, science, and more.

65. BrainPOP Jr. - Provides educational videos, games, and activities for younger students.

66. MakeBeliefsComix - Allows students to create and publish their own comic strips.

67. Kahoot! - Offers interactive quizzes and learning games for classroom engagement.

68. Math-Drills - Provides free math worksheets for various topics and grade levels.

69. Wonderopolis - Offers daily "wonders" with articles and activities for curious minds.

70. KidzType - Offers typing games and lessons to improve keyboarding skills.

71. Big History Project - Provides a free online history course for students.

72. National Geographic Outline Maps - Offers printable outline maps for geography lessons.

73. BBC Bitesize - Provides educational resources and activities for various subjects.

74. SpellingCity - Offers spelling and vocabulary practice games for students.

75. Digital History - Provides resources and interactive activities for teaching U.S. history.

76. Lucidchart - Offers online diagramming and visual communication tools for classroom use.

77. Reading Rockets - Provides resources and strategies for teaching reading skills.

78. Quizizz - Offers multiplayer quiz games for classroom engagement and assessment.

79. Geography Map Games - Provides interactive map games for geography practice.

80. Typing.com - Offers typing lessons and games to improve typing skills.

81. Teach Your Monster to Read - Offers reading games for early learners.

82. FreeRice - Offers educational games that help fight hunger by donating rice.

83. Education.com - Provides worksheets, lesson plans, and games for various subjects.

84. Common Sense Education - Offers reviews, ratings, and resources for digital tools and apps for the classroom.

85. NASA for Educators - Provides educational resources and materials on space science and exploration.

86. ReadTheory - Offers reading comprehension practice exercises for students.

87. Codecademy - Offers interactive coding courses for programming languages.

88. Lesson Planet - Provides lesson plans and teaching resources across various subjects.

89. CS Unplugged - Offers computer science activities and resources that do not require computers.

90. BrainPOP ESL - Provides English language learning resources and activities for ESL students.

91. World Writable - Offers collaborative writing and publishing tools for students.

92. Mathway - Provides online math problem-solving and step-by-step explanations.

93. YouCubed - Offers resources and activities to promote mathematical thinking and problem-solving.

94. Time for Kids - Provides news articles and resources for young learners.

95. Braingenie - Offers math and science practice exercises aligned with curriculum standards.

96. Free Kids Books - Provides free digital books for children of all ages.

97. Carnegie Learning - Offers math curriculum and resources for teachers.

98. Scrible - Offers research and annotation tools for students and educators.

99. Piano Learning - Provides online piano lessons and resources for music educators.

100. SafeShare.tv - Allows educators to share YouTube videos without ads or distractions.

With this comprehensive list of 100 educational websites, you can explore a variety of resources, lesson plans, games, and tools to support your teaching endeavors. Discover new ideas, engage your students, and enrich their learning experiences with these valuable online resources.

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February 19, 2024

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