re you a passionate educator seeking an exciting teaching opportunity abroad? Attending job fairs and recruitment events can be a game-changer in your quest to teach overseas. These events provide a unique platform to connect with international schools, language institutions, and educational organizations from around the world. In this article, we will highlight ten top job fairs and recruitment events that are renowned for attracting schools seeking talented educators like you. So, polish your resume, prepare your elevator pitch, and get ready to embark on an incredible journey to teach abroad!

1. Search Associates Job Fairs

Search Associates is a well-known organization that hosts numerous job fairs across the globe. These fairs cater to both experienced and newly qualified teachers, offering opportunities to meet with international school administrators and recruiters. From Asia to Europe and beyond, Search Associates' job fairs cover a wide range of regions, making it a comprehensive platform for teachers seeking international placements.

2. International Schools Services (ISS) Job Fairs

ISS organizes recruiting fairs in various locations, providing a chance for educators to meet with representatives from international schools worldwide. These fairs typically include seminars and workshops on topics like teaching abroad, networking, and cultural integration, making them invaluable for teachers exploring international teaching opportunities.

3. University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Overseas Recruiting Fair

The UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair is one of the oldest and most prestigious job fairs for educators. Hosted in the United States, this fair attracts schools from across the globe, making it an excellent opportunity for educators based in North America to connect with international schools.

4. Council of International Schools (CIS) Job Fairs

CIS hosts multiple job fairs worldwide, providing a platform for educators to explore teaching positions in various countries. With a strong focus on quality education and professional development, CIS job fairs are a popular choice for teachers seeking reputable international schools.

5. Teach Away Online Job Fairs

For those unable to attend in-person events, Teach Away offers online job fairs that connect teachers with schools from all over the world. These virtual fairs allow educators to participate from the comfort of their homes while still getting the chance to interact with recruiters and explore exciting teaching opportunities abroad.

6. International Educator (TIE) Job Fairs

TIE organizes job fairs for educators seeking teaching positions in international schools. With events in locations like London, Bangkok, and New York, TIE fairs attract a diverse array of schools and teachers, making it a great platform to find your ideal teaching destination.

7. Search Associates Virtual Job Fairs

In addition to in-person fairs, Search Associates also hosts virtual job fairs that cater to teachers from different parts of the world. These virtual events are convenient for teachers who cannot travel but are eager to explore global teaching opportunities.

8. International School Consortium (ISC) Recruitment Fair

ISC Recruitment Fairs bring together international schools and educators in locations like London, San Francisco, and Bangkok. These fairs offer an opportunity to connect with renowned international schools and expand your teaching horizons.

9. Footprints Recruiting Events

Footprints Recruiting hosts various events in Canada, the United States, and other locations, focusing on recruiting teachers for international positions. Their fairs often feature workshops and seminars to help educators navigate the process of teaching abroad successfully.

10. Schrole Connect Virtual Fairs

Schrole Connect offers virtual fairs that enable teachers to connect with international schools and recruiters from different countries. These online events are ideal for teachers looking to teach abroad from anywhere in the world.

Attending job fairs and recruitment events is a proactive approach to find exciting teaching opportunities abroad. Whether you are a seasoned educator or a fresh graduate eager to explore the world of international education, these top ten job fairs and recruitment events offer a wealth of opportunities to connect with schools, recruiters, and fellow educators from around the globe. So, prepare your resume, dress professionally, and get ready to embark on an incredible journey as you land your dream teaching position abroad!

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November 1, 2023
Teaching Abroad

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