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English, French, Arabic, Math, PE, Science, Computer Teachers, Supervisor, Accountant Vacancies

Middle East
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If you feel that working at Albayan is right for you, please fill in an application form and we will be happy to receive it. Please note that employment opportunities are not always posted on our website.

The health and safety of our students is paramount. We carry out enhanced disclosure checks and thorough reference checks.

Thank you for you interest in joining Albayan Schools. If there are no job openings, we will keep your application on active file for future reference.

Job Title

English Language Teacher

French Language Teacher

Arabic Language

French Language Coordinator

Math Teacher

Science Teacher

Physical Education/ Sports Teacher



Computer Teacher

فنون متنوّعة/مسرح/موسيقى

How to apply

To apply for a vacancy please complete the confidential application form on the website. The form contains questions about your academic and employment history and your suitability for the role.

Application Form:https://www.albayanschools.com/vacancies

The interview process includes:

Lesson observation

Face-to-face, formal interview

Verification of experience, qualifications and proficiency status.

All candidates should be interviewed by at least one senior member of staff, but ideally by both the Principal and Head of Divisions. Candidates must understand exactly what is required of the teaching role, and the successful candidate should be given a full briefing by the Director of Studies.

Shortlisted candidates will be required to provide documentational proof of their qualifications and professional status.

Please note that incomplete application forms are invalid. We do not accept a curriculum vitae in place of an application form.

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Albayan Schools

About Us

Albayan Schools have branches in Amrousieh and Hadat, Beirut. We offer private education to local students and those from abroad from preschool to secondary level. Both branches cover Preschool, Elementary and Middle Cycle. Secondary Cycle is covered in our Hadat branch only. We are committed to providing a well-rounded, inclusive education that prepares students not only for exams, but for life. Our approach nurtures creative thinkers who are self-motivated and resilient with the confidence to take on new challenges.

*While applying for a position, kindly let the employer know you found it via Reach&Teach
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